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Bigger is Better.... Rioja in Magnum!

01/05/2017 at 19:53 pm

It's pretty well accepted that Rioja (especially old school Rioja) rules. Then there is that old adage that "Bigger is Better" ... well, when you take Old School Rioja and put it in a bigger bottle you end up with pure awesome. That's what were talking about today: big, bad, and rad Rioja all in Magnum bottles! We worked with the wineries, importers, and distributors on sourcing these wines and we're sure glad that we went through the trouble 'cause these wines are just pure awesome. Have a gander below at what we're talking about:

La Rioja Alta Vina Ardanza Reserva 2007 - $67.99 (national average is around $72)
We've turned on countless scores of folks to this wine and this offer tops every offer we've ever done before. Full on classic Rioja (cherries and leather and that classic dill pickle we all know and love) here but in a big bottle. It's perfect for bringing out at a dinner party. Not only do you look pretty sharp swinging a magnum bottle but you can also turn a whole new cadre of folks onto this spectacular wine. Oh yeah ... this wine got a score of 94 from our buddy at The Wine Advocate. Not too shabby.
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La Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva 2005 - $103.99 (national average is around $110)
As good as the Vina Ardanza is ... the wines from La Rioja Alta do, indeed, take a couple of steps upwards when you move into the Gran Reserva levels. Take all the spice and complexity in the Ardanza and turn it up to 11. Deeper and more complex but also a touch clearer and more focused. Liken it to looking at a painting that has been restored ... everything just pops. This wine pops truly. It's drinking dang well right now but should you have the patience (hint, you should) this wine will reward you handsomely. Not only are bigger bottles cool but they also tend to slow the aging process in wine. If this could be aged another 20 years in a standard bottle (it can); you can expect the magnum to go another 5 years. Neat. The 2005 904 was on the Top 100 wines of 2016 and got a 96 point score from The Wine Advocate.
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Senorio de P. Pecina Reserva 2009 - $42.99
Now we come to the plain old ridiculous deal. Big cool bottle, classic old school Rioja, terrific wine, tasty as all get out, and a screamingly good price. Senorio de P. Pecina is making waves in the Rioja circuit: a father and son team - Dad used to work at La Rioja Alta, son traveled worked in wineries around the world - that are creating soulful wine that carry the flag of classic Rioja without the extra monetary baggage (read: they're downright cheap, pound for pound, dollar to dollar in comparison to some other wines). This wine sings right now .... but like the 904 up above, it's got the stuffin' to last a good long while. I love this wine and I kinda really dig that this wine in this bottle is super rare ... like get it here or don't get it anywhere.
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